I appreciate your interest to find out more about my work!

As you can see, I’m still working on getting things straight on the website. I’ll be ready to collaborate and take on new projects in the very near future.

A little bit more about me – I’m an Enterprise IT Manager with 15 years experience managing large, multi-million dollar projects by day and all around creative outside of work hours. I enjoy making things or collaborating on multiple media formats including audio, photography, and other formats that some people refer to as art.

Check the Blog page for my latest news or projects, the Music page for some of my latest audio creations, and the Photography page for some of my favorite shots. If you’re interested in using any of my media for a project that you have or having me create something specific for your event or project, please get in touch via jae@thinknadonmedia.com!

Upcoming Community Events That I’ll Be Participating In – March 2015
… busy with tax season – I’ll be back attending more events post April 15th!

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